Our Vision Statement:

Love God, love each other, and pass our faith to the next generation.

Our Mission Statement:

To produce RTL’s (Radically Transformed Lives) through relationships with Christ and each other.

Our Purpose:

Victory is a purpose-driven group of believers and we exist to glorify God in the following ways:

1. Connecting – Showing God’s love by joining together with other believers in unity, support, and purpose.

2. Growing – Living out God’s love by learning and growing in our faith.

3. Serving – Demonstrating God’s love by caring for the needs and hurts of people.

4. Reaching – Helping people discover God’s love as they turn from self and sin and place their faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

5. Honoring – Expressing our love and loyalty to God.

6. Managing – Living life in the realization that we are just managers in this life, and understanding GOD OWNS IT ALL!

7. Leading – Intentionally raising up and training leaders in the body of Christ.