Welcome to the “Pathway to Victory” featuring 15 Stations of the Cross! When the Lord led me to this piece of property (20.7 acres) in 2008, I knew this was the new home for Victory Church. At the same time, the Lord impressed upon my spirit to design a walking trail trough the back portion of the property. I didn’t know exactly what it would look like, but I did know He wanted me to design this trail. Well, the dream has come to fruition; and our God has once again proven Himself to be ever so faithful!

In March 2013, as my son Tyler and I were cutting the trees for this trail, the Lord impressed upon my heart to call it the “Pathway to Victory.”  Why, you ask? Well, because the only way any of us can ever experience real victory in our lives is for us to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. As you walk this trail and visit the 15 different stations of the cross, you will walk with Jesus and experience the agony in the garden, the betrayal, the mockery, the crucifixion, and ultimately the resurrection.

My prayer for you while you are walking the trail, enjoying the outdoors, experiencing the beauty of God’s creation, and possibly even seeing some wildlife, is that you will take time to focus on your spiritual life and ultimately come to know Christ Jesus as you personal Lord and Savior.

Please understand that life really is about relationships, not simply being religious. So go ahead, walk the trail, enjoy the outdoors. Since you’re here, take the time to visit each station and experience what Christ did for us at Calvary.
1817Remember, you are loved!

Pastor Jon Cannon
John 3:30