Bible Memorization Plans (Hard Copy)


Topical Memory System

This plan by the Navigators is considered by many to be the best, this 60 verse Topical Memory System includes a course workbook, 8 versions to choose from, a book of verse memory cards, and a vinyl card holder.

Scripture Memory Made Easy

This is step by step plan for memorizing one hundred scripture verses within a year. A 7-panel fold-out plan helps chart progress, while the books continuous review sections strengthen the memory of previously studied verses.

100 Bible Verses Everyone Should Know By Heart

Robert Morgan collects dozens of the best-known and most applicable scriptures into an insightful and easily-accessible primer for memorization. Each verse is followed by a short essay giving additional insight into the verse or tips for memorization. The first part of the book deals with the reasons for memorizing Bible verses.

The MacArthur Scripture Memory System

In one year memorize 52 life changing passages personally chosen by Pastor John MacArthur.


Scripture Memory Plans  (Electronic)


Mobile Apps for Bible Memorization

Web Based Memorization Tools